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You're here because you're looking for something different in Real Estate. Yes, I've won awards for selling homes, but thats not what you came here looking for.  The majority of other realtors, especially teams, take a transactional approach to sales. They spend a majority of their time and energy looking for new clients by using advertising. They do things like newspaper ads, billboards, cold calling, door knocking and more.

I choose not to work that way.

I believe you deserve more from the real estate professional you select to work with. I prefer to take a consultive approach and do what is best for you. That is why I work by referral. Relationships are more important to me than any single transaction. I dedicate myself to the needs of my clients at every possible level, before, during and after their move. I have a direct interest in making sure you are satisfied. I want you to be so excited that you can't wait to tell your friends, family and co-workers about me and the high level of service you received.  I know that to earn your future referrals I must exceed your expectations. I trust that when I do a great job for you, you will refer me to people similar to yourself. My trust in you allows me to focus my time and attention on your needs and provide you with my highest level of service possible.

After your closing, instead of disappearing to look for the next transaction, you can expect me to stay in touch. I send valuable information and call from time to time just to check in. I also hold events like Client Appreciation parties, as a token of my gratitude for your trust. I hope you would call us for any of your real estate related needs.

If you were moving or had a friend or family member who was, do you have an agent that you would refer them to? I would like to be that agent. Please forward them a link to this website to get to know me better.  To get me working for you now just email me:


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Reid Greiner, Broker, Team Lead

In everything he does, this Scotsman stands head and shoulders above the crowd. Reid Greiner Truly Embraces his Heritage, But There's so Much More to Him Than His Celtic Attire.

When Reid Greiner walks into a room, people can’t help but notice. He bears a constant smile and, to honor his Celtic pride, has often been known to wear the full regalia of his Scottish heritage. And at a prominent 6’4” he definitely cuts an imposing figure. Indeed, a tall man in a kilt is a sight that’s not easy to forget.

But Reid’s striking stature and kilt are not the only things that make him memorable. People are immediately drawn to his affable nature and he’s the kind of man who’s never met a stranger. He has the uncanny ability for putting folks at ease because he can always initiate a conversation about something they share in common. Raised to adhere to old-fashioned values in all his relationships, it’s no surprise he makes enduring friendships effortlessly.

Reid’s distinctive personality has been the foundation for his success both personally and professionally. He followed his graphic arts background and began his distinguished management career in marketing and advertising. Having many high profile clients, he thought outside the box and produced award-winning campaigns. Always the gentleman, Reid will tell you his achievements were attributed to his great staff, but clearly it was his friendly, inspiring and creative approach that produced the prosperous working environment.  

Where Reid truly brings a unique approach to his clients is in his career as a real estate professional. He understands that your specific goals are what make your move special, and he’ll always work to exceed your expectations. “Each of my clients have different needs and I develop a specific plan to meet those goals,” he says. His experience in marketing and advertising gives his client the distinct advantage they need to sell their property quickly or find the perfect home to fit their lifestyle.

Because Reid believes that communication is key, he provides outstanding follow up at every phase of your sale or purchase. He truly cares about his clients and it is evident in the personalized attention he gives to your move. Not only does he possess unparalleled market knowledge, he offers a home staging consultation that will present your property to showcase its true potential.

Whether you are looking to buy or sell a home, enlist a professional who’ll bring A Distinctive Approach to your move. Reid knows that no two transactions are alike and he’s ready to embrace your specific goals.


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Client Reviews

Finding the right agent whom we could trust and rely upon for professional advice was very important to us. We were pleasantly surprised that there is one agent out there that can actually think like a client. Your knowledge of the market and pricing was invaluable. You were consistent with the level of service all throughout the process and, most importantly, you sold our house a the price we wanted within 3 days! We have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone. Be assured that the next time we move, you will hear from us again.

V & C Fajardo

I can’t tell you how happy I am with my first home and how much I appreciate all you have done to make it happen for me. A year ago, I still believed having my own place was an impossible dream. I thank you for showing me how to make dreams come to life. You have truly made the experience a fabulously positive one.

J Brigmantas

Reid was the best agent I could have asked for. He always went above and beyond the call of duty and did his best for me. Together we found the perfect place for me at a terrific price. I not only consider Reid as my agent, he's also a wonderful friend. Thanks, Reid!

E. Pastras